A Few Things to Do Before I'm 40: The List: 1.

So here we go - the list as it stands today.

Some writing I'd like to get finished this year -

- Write a short story and publish on this blog.

- Finish my Children's Picture Book and get it printed.

- Write a Dr Who Script and put it up on this blog.

- Keep a Journal throughout the year.

Some other creative stuff -

- Brew a Beer at home.

- Create a Font (type, not baptismal!) and share on the blog.

- Learn a piece on the Piano (video on the blog.)

- Do at least one drawing a month and post on the Blog.

- 'Make a Painting you can be proud of and hang in your house'.
(Thanks to James Petrucci for this one!)

- Design and send 40 hand-made thanks Postcards to people or organisations that have helped and or inspired me.
(Simon Gale and Rhona Holliday both gave me this idea!)

Physical challenges -

- Get a full body health check.

- Get into my 'ideal weight' bracket.

- Run a 10k.

Some Experiences.

- Swim with Sharks.

- Take my eldest son camping.

- Visit the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff.

- Be an Extra in a Movie/TV show/Music Video.

- Host a Backyard gig.

- Take part in a Medieval Tournament/learn to sword fight.

Mental challenges.

- Learn all my times tables.

- Memorise Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

- Overcome my Arachnophobia.

That's 22 so far - As I said, I'm open to suggestions!

I'll be updating on this blog with progress on the things.

Stay tuned!