A Few Things To Do Before I'm 40: Update and new Font...!

Hey all -

So a bit of an update on the few things.

I wanted to do at least one drawing per month for the year - if you checked out Advent Lights you'll have seen that I made a florescent doodle for each day of advent!

I also dabbled in Inktober over on Instagram, so the drawing's been going well.

Next, I've created my font - Hoylus Hand! I did it using an online service that creates fonts from a hand-drawn template. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Here's a preview...


If you're interested - you can download the font at the link below!

A Few Things to Do Before I'm 40: The List: 1.

So here we go - the list as it stands today.

Some writing I'd like to get finished this year -

- Write a short story and publish on this blog.

- Finish my Children's Picture Book and get it printed.

- Write a Dr Who Script and put it up on this blog.

- Keep a Journal throughout the year.

Some other creative stuff -

- Brew a Beer at home.

- Create a Font (type, not baptismal!) and share on the blog.

- Learn a piece on the Piano (video on the blog.)

- Do at least one drawing a month and post on the Blog.

- 'Make a Painting you can be proud of and hang in your house'.
(Thanks to James Petrucci for this one!)

- Design and send 40 hand-made thanks Postcards to people or organisations that have helped and or inspired me.
(Simon Gale and Rhona Holliday both gave me this idea!)

Physical challenges -

- Get a full body health check.

- Get into my 'ideal weight' bracket.

- Run a 10k.

Some Experiences.

- Swim with Sharks.

- Take my eldest son camping.

- Visit the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff.

- Be an Extra in a Movie/TV show/Music Video.

- Host a Backyard gig.

- Take part in a Medieval Tournament/learn to sword fight.

Mental challenges.

- Learn all my times tables.

- Memorise Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

- Overcome my Arachnophobia.

That's 22 so far - As I said, I'm open to suggestions!

I'll be updating on this blog with progress on the things.

Stay tuned!





A Few Things I'd Like To Do Before I Turn 40...

Hey All,

So on August 11th 2016 I turned 39.

For the mathematically challenged, this means next August I turn 40.

Whilst I don't particularly feel the traditional dread associated with the big 4-0, it has made me think about the things I haven't done yet, and, inspired by a friend on Facebook who is currently working through her "40 things to do before 40", I thought I'd give my own list a go.

Now, I haven't been able to come up with a full 40 things yet, which is why I've gone for the far less catchy title - "A Few Things I'd Like To Do Before I'm 40".

Over the past couple of weeks, I've jotted down a load of stuff that I've never done, or haven't done for ages, that I'd like to do - it ranges from pretty mundane stuff for some people, to perhaps the 'bigger' more exciting things.

In my next post I'll share my current list - but please feel free to make suggestions if you think there'd be an experience I'd enjoy or would challenge me!

On this first post though I wanted to say - I'm doing this stuff primarily for my own fulfillment, but I recently came across some shocking statistics that have made me want to do something to help, in my own little way -

Did you know that suicide is the number one cause of death for men under 45 in the UK?

Or that, on average, 13 men die from suicide every day in the UK?

That's pretty horrific, isn't it?

That's why I thought, if I'm going to commit to a year living joyfully - doing some stuff I've always wanted to do, then I'd like to associate this year long challenge with two great charities that have a specific concern for men's welfare. -

They are CALM - the campaign against Living Miserably and Movember Foundation, which is committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives.

Please click the links to check out the work they do. I have grown a moustache in support of Movember a couple of times before, but as I now sport a fairly majestic russet beard, those days are behind me.

Hopefully you'll follow along as I work through this year - I hope it'll be a fun one!