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Welcome to my blog.

I'm an Ordained Pioneer Priest working with the Church of England, helping to start a movement of spiritual communities across London: Simple Churches, Missional Communities, Social Entrepreneurship, Households on Mission, New Monasticism - all these are in my wheelhouse.
- I'm interested in people discovering and developing a meaningful, practical spirituality for today's world.

Secondly, I'm a 'culture mulcher' -  high/low, movies/books/games/music - I love it all, pretty much.
I believe storytelling is central to people's development and to our evolution as a society. I'm interested in how the stories we tell change our lives and bring about change.

I'm also a dad and husband, I have an amazing wife and three rapidly growing boys. - becoming a dad and husband has been the making of me. My greatest privilege and highest calling.

More recently, I've become interested in the crisis in men's mental health, and exploring what defines masculinity in today's world.
- I have supported CALM in the past and you can find out more about their work here.

I'll be writing about all of these things and more on this site.

Hope you enjoy!